Tuesday, July 14, 2009

...a road trip.

Road trips and newborns make it difficult to blog. We left Edmonton almost a week ago. It took five days and nights to get from the heart of the Alberta prairies to the West coast of B.C. Yesterday we made it to Vancouver. Our goal was to get the girls to an ocean and we did it. There were some sketchy parts to the car ride with a 3 week old that could not understand why we wouldn't pick her up out of that car seat. But there were some highlights for Meg. Hotels with pools and waterslides are at the top of the list. I forgot the cord to download photos from my camera so the visuals will have to wait.

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  1. Love you all and miss you very much. Maddy wants to know if the baby is "glowing" (read growing). And noticed that Meg was wearing goggles and a familiar swimsuit! Missing you tons, needing hugs. . . . . Love Arden, Rick & Maddy