Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...a blessing.

One more sleep. Meg reminded me this morning that there was only one more sleep until Cindy arrives. I don't think I can express what it means to me... to us. For me to be nurtured by my handmaiden and for her to feel so honored to do so. I know that we will laugh a lot, cry as much and bask in the joy of my everyday life.

And then on Saturday she and my family have called to gather all of the women in my life that I hold dear. I see them flooding my home with the energy that I will need to sustain me until the day I will meet my baby, through my labour and into my new self as I am born a mother of two. They will also build a solid yet yielding dike for my psyche. The framework I will need to feel safe and secure to flow, gush and maybe even flood a little as I give over to my wild nature, my divine feminine.

I am giddy with the excitement of this weekend of being nurtured and surrounded by the love of people so important to me. People that will witness this journey and care for me as I unfold after this baby's birth. Each of them so special to me in the gifts they bring to my life. Sublime.


  1. Trish,
    I see your eyes, our four-legged squat that felt endless, that intense knowledge that I would do anything for you, I would hold your energy and honor your being, our night of laughter in the hot tub - over wine and wine cooler no less - and I wish so much that I could be with you this weekend. Blessings to you and Cindy for walking this path. "hand maiden" I love it. sink into mother, warrior, spirit walker, traveller....I love you.

  2. This seems like a trivial comment to your beautiful post. But I 'tagged' you today. Check out my blog to find out what it means. :)