Monday, May 11, 2009

...a shift in the energy around here.

Flailing a little here.... that 5 year old I was smitten with a couple of weeks ago is short on sleep and now her adoration feels like cling film. I now feel a bit like I have given in one too many times to her neediness and now it has become a problem. Ah, the doubt creeps in. Am I building independence by allowing her the chance to feel safe or am I building dependence by not allowing her to work things out for herself? Why is this question coming up now? There is a shift in energy around here. A little anxiety, a little panic and a lot of exhaustion and frustration are eating away at our foundation at the moment. I wish I could freeze my gestation and allow some time to pass. Allow our lives to settle in to our summer routine and get our feet under us a bit before it all changes once again. And in a few days I will feel different again.

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