Friday, May 15, 2009

...a lemonade stand.

Last week Dave watched this video and decided to share it with Meg.

They talked about what it meant and dave asked her what she would like to do... Would it be an adventure, a journey... It could be anything. She seemed delighted at the idea of doing whatever she wanted. Animated with the possibilities. First she said she would like to take a long car ride "back to that river that we went to with Nanny and threw rocks in". We played hookie one day this fall and went on an ambling drive West past Genesee. There is a beautiful spot down by the river where we spent an hour or so. Nanny showed Meg how to skip rocks and we just let the day pass. It was blissful.

She liked this idea and wanted to explore some more. Dave then suggested that she could do something new. Something she had never done before. "A lemonade stand" It was that simple and that fabulous all at once. I never had a lemonade stand. Dave never had a lemonade stand. He pointed out that it had been in the video they watched and then there was no stopping her flood of planning and brainstorming. We started that night to try out homemade lemonade recipes and we will work to perfect them while we wait for the weather to cooperate so that our lemonade stand will be an oasis in our little neighbourhood and the customers will flock to have their thirst quenched.

What do you want to do before you die?

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