Thursday, July 1, 2010

...fairies, pirates and cupcakes.

In a week from today we will be in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Our feet on the soil of a country we haven't visited since Meg was the age that Lola is now.  6 years.  Our lives bearing almost no resemblance to the life we lives back then.  We have lost, we have multiplied, we have moved, we have grown.  I wonder what it will all look like through these new eyes. 

But today we were totally present to our lives here.  We spent the day celebrating 7.  Meg will turn seven while we are away so we planned a little party for this afternoon and gathered our friends to enjoy a day in the beautiful summer air.  I hatched a plan to turn all of the little girls into fairies for the day and all of the little lads into pirates.  I sewed 17 pairs of fairy wings in purple, pink, turquoise and teal.  And 6 black eyepatches.  There were not that many kids total but I had a suspicion some lads would opt for fairy wings and maybe even some lassies for eyepatches.  I was dead right about the wings.  Three of the four boys donned the gathered tulle wings and "fluttered" around the park.  It was a lovely day with a beautiful breeze to give lift to those wings on their backs.  We smiled and laughed and ate... watched the joyful play of more than a dozen incredible kids.  My gratitude as I soak up the last of this day runs deep.  Friends and family that love my children, our family and celebrate our lives every day with us.  Bliss. 

I'm pooped.  And I have much to do before we board that plan next week.  Here are some images from the day... I believe they tell the story better than I could with words.

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