Monday, January 25, 2010


I just cannot get enough of how my two girls look at each other. Both of them always delighted to see the other. Every once in a while I catch myself in some melancholic thought process that leads me to a time, not too far away, when this will not always be true. When curious hands will ruin a well loved toy or tear up an art project. When the hot tears of frustration will well up in the eyes of a babe that cannot follow her sister up the stairs or join in her more mature games with friends. But I do catch myself and bring it back to what we are so fortunate to be enjoying right now. This incredible adoration for each other that seems to know no bounds. Because for right now I continue to be amazed that no matter how many times Lola grabs and pulls Meg's hair, she never complains. And no matter how over zealous and wild Meg can be in her hugs and helping, Lola seems to tolerate it and mostly even enjoy it. When Lola cries or fusses and I have my hands full, Meg will dance and sing to keep her amused. She has learned the complicated lyrics to an old Scottish folk tune and will sing it with gusto whenever it's called for. She will endlessly pick up the dropped toy while we try to sit together for our evening meal. And she will cry in sympathy when Lola seems inconsolable. I could not have imagined a better sister in Meg. And Lola... well she just comes alive when Meg walks in the room. In fact she has burst into fits of laughter just at the sight of her. The other morning Meg climbed into bed with us and pulled the covers over her head. Lola clawed at the duvet to try and uncover her big sister. For now I am completely satiated with this incredible relationship I am so lucky to witness.
I was going to delete this photo but it actually really sums up the two of them. Meg moves slowly and intentionally in everything she does. Lola is a blur!
And then the funny faces...


  1. Nice.
    It really is amazing, and yes, there are fights (with Scarlett and Imogen) but most of the time it is quite lovely to watch. They really care about one another so deeply, I love it.

  2. My sister is my best friend... and there were fights a plenty during the middle school and high school years. But, doesn't anyone who cohabitants run into the occasional fight? ;-)