Tuesday, April 14, 2009

...something that is awkward.

How does someone start a blog? Is there any point to giving context for the 36 years that brought me to this point? Or does it make more sense to start off with a journal entry as if I have started from here? Or do I explain why I am doing this or who I am? I have no idea where to start...

I have always been terrible at journalling. I want to write. I feel compelled to document my life but I start every entry with "it has been so long and so much has changed... " I spend all of my time catching myself up instead of writing about where I am at. Lately I have found myself awake at night for hours sometimes (the hormones of pregnancy at play) and I am composing emails or journalling in my head and wishing I was documenting this journey for myself, my daughter, my next baby and maybe even for others to read and relate to. So now I set out on this exploration of the blog. Maybe it will work for me.

Ugh this still feels like an awkward first date and the beginning of something uncertain...

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  1. Congrats on starting a blog. I know that you will love it!